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Preferisco is Italian for "I prefer" - things like Oracle development and performance, the EAI / ETL scene, and of course our farmhouse in central Italy.Anonymous
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Exadata - has it been in development for two years?

Thu, 2008-09-25 14:09
Just my nit-picking mind, but why does the Exadata technical white paper say (at the time of writing at least) that it is "Copyright © 2006, Oracle"? I don't think they've been working on it that long - much more likely some soon-to-be-embarrassed technical writer has cut and paste the standard boilerplate from an out of date source.

What, no rule-driven content management?

Exadata and the Database Machine - the Oracle "kilopod"

Thu, 2008-09-25 14:09
There has already been plenty of interesting posts about Oracle Exadata - notably of course from Kevin Closson here and here (update: and this analysis from Christo Kutrovsky)- but I just have one thing to say.

Larry Ellison was quoted in a number of reports saying the Oracle Database Machine "is 1,400 times larger than Apple’s largest iPod".

Larry, when you want to get over that something is big - really big that is, industrial scale even - just don't compare it with a (however wonderful) consumer toy. Not even with 1,400 of them. 1.4 kilopods is so not a useful measure.

By the way, can I trademark the word kilopod please? (presumably not - a quick google found a 2005 article using the same word, and there is some kind of science-in-society blog at

Back to the future - or is that forward to the past

Thu, 2008-09-04 13:30
I'm starting a new contract this coming Monday. I'd better keep the client confidential until I've found out how they feel about blogs, but the job revolves around data matching and data quality, using Oracle and SSA.

At the interview, I found myself less than 100m from the site of my first ever "proper" job (the old Scicon offices are now an upmarket West End hotel). So just 28 years and 1 month later, I will be sauntering along Oxford Street once again.

I'll be commuting daily at first, but I will try to stay down during the week at least some of the time if I can find somewhere cheap, clean and convenient. Any old colleagues around central London - sometime between now and Christmas we should meet up ...

Microsoft acquires DATAllegro

Fri, 2008-07-25 02:19
Lots of interesting posts on this news, from:
Meanwhile Seth Grimes also uses the news to point up a real difference in quality between Google and Microsoft search capabilities.

ESB consolidation - Progress buys Iona

Mon, 2008-06-30 09:11
I guess Iona was one of the first well known Irish software companies, and now it must be one of the last. It has succumbed to Progress Software for $106M. Paul Freemantle beat me to the news that Progress now owns or is a major committer for at least 4 different ESBs - Sonic, Artix, C24 and ActiveMQ/Camel/ServiceMix (plus Actional if you like) - hey, that's more than Oracle isn't it? (or maybe not...).